Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Arduino Guitar with Delay

Here is the first attempt at an Arduino guitar pedal.
The guitar signal feeds through a PT2399 delay circuit, modified to include a JFET preamp phase.  The delay circuit has Echo and Delay knobs.
From there, it feeds into my optoisolated-Arduino-5V preamp, and out to the Arduino.
The output from the Arduino is filtered and sent to the amp.

The sound is much better than a typical 8-bit setup, but with some very interesting digital overtones on top of the regular guitar signal.

This whole setup will be consolidated onto one printed circuit board and installed inside of an old Conrad single pickup electric from the 1960's.  More pictures to come.

Thanks to


For the code and the idea.

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  1. Doesnt make much sense... So what is the arduino used for ?!? Not the delay as the PT2399 is the delay chip... Maybe crunch ?!?